project review


Review submitted by Research Assistant
Review date 13 Aug 2018


This trail has thus far exceeded all expectations, going far beyond what I imagined it would be! I was anticipating a hardcore 10 weeks of trekking and fending off the thieves of Bangkok, living in houses we’d made by hand and being eaten alive by mosquitoes the size of my face. It’s not like that, although it is still an amazing adventure! Other than the beach conservation, where we lived in a handmade hut (though not our hands), we have been staying in basic but comfortable accommodation. The Frontier house is so nice and is the perfect location for the activities.

 So far I have done two days of teaching and I am loving it. There are so many children for such a small school and it is such a large range of ages. The younger children just adore us and jump on us while the older children look up to us and want to practise their English with us as much as possible.

One thing that makes the teaching so enjoyable is the sheer contrast to the two weeks I have previously spent on the beach: our lives are constantly busy with people coming and going and activities always happening. On the beach, the time was made up with conducting research and sunbathing. Our tans are now amazing!

I’m looking forward to the two weeks in Vietnam, but am trying not to think of the fact that two weeks is such a short amount of time. The trail is almost over!