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Project News


News item submitted by Gap Year Blog
News item dated 4 Oct 2017

Caye Caulker is home to a wide variety of our favourite companions. Every volunteer who’s joined us has had a favourite dog that they met here. They are the real mascots of the island and always there to cheer up tourists and locals.

Here is a list of 5 favourite dogs you will meet on the island:

1 Fury

Fury is the camp guard dog, a small pit bull young enough to still be playful but old enough to hump you if you let your guard down! Fury has been stuck on camp most of his life and therefore lacks of basic social skills. He is obsessed with barking at the random nurse shark passing by, even chasing the shark into the water. Fury loves swimming and will join you for a swim anytime during the day. Brave enough to endure mosquitoes and sandflies all day, he will still try to enter the volunteer room every night if you don’t lock it!

2 Oreo

Oreo is a small black dog, an island breed. This small rascal got into several mischief including crashing a wedding and peeing on a bridesmaid’s dress, sneaking into the fancy Italian restaurant and stealing a slice of pizza or peeing on several volunteer bags! Oreo used to roam the streets by himself until a few owners tried to claim him. But every time is the same story; Oreo is back on the street a few days later, looking for a next victim to steal food from.

3 Spam

Spam got his surname because he would join us every day for the Frontier lunch and receive a piece of the infamous canned meat we use for our sandwiches. He would follow us during the weekly beach clean and hope for another piece of meat. Although, his loyalty didn’t last long when a group of tourists let him finish a nice piece of beef burger and we didn’t see him after that. I guess we weren’t good enough for him!

4 Sweet pea

Sweet pea is a local dog that holds residence in Sportsbar, the most famous bar of the island. She lives of tourists leftover and will bark at any other dogs that try to invite themselves into the bar. Her favourite meal is chicken bones from the famous chicken wings served there. Even though most European dogs can’t eat chicken bones, Belizean dogs are fine with it and won’t suffer any trouble when they swallow chicken.

5 Mama

Mama is a pregnant dog who chooses to stay at a local hostel until she gives birth. No one really knows where she comes from but she receives a lot of attention from tourists, volunteers and locals. We even bathed her a few days ago and she was really happy to feel clean! She is always smiling and volunteers placed bet on how many puppies she will give birth to. Hopefully all of them find owners and she can resumes her life in the street.

Volunteers who really like dogs are welcome to come and help the Humane Society of Caye Caulker, which opens every Saturday morning. They distribute free flea collars and worm pills to make sure all dogs can live healthy on the island.

By Doryan Givel - Belize Project Coordinator

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