project review

Fantastic Time in Costa Rica

Review submitted by John Scott
Review date 17 Nov 2019


Overall I’ve had a fantastic 10 weeks on camp: great people and the country is absolutely stunning. The wildlife here is everywhere from the moment we get up in the morning, from squirrel monkeys in the shower, to agoutis running through camp, to toucans and trogons hanging around in the trees around us. The project at the moment has a really great relationship with the local community as well and there are always chances to practice Spanish with them etc. The camp itself has great facilities and is well maintained, with showers and a flushing toilet. The food we eat is always fantastic, and we’re always learning about new recipes and getting creative every meal time. It is impossible to pick a highlight from this experience; the whole thing has been a highlight for me so I can’t pick just one! 

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